R&D for garment dyeing & finishing

zaitexfashion is a project led by the R&D Garment of ZAITEX. It is in charge of the constant development of eco-friendly new processes for garment dyeing & finishing in order to get infinite original fashion effects.


All the products involved are both GOTS and ZDHC approved, offering you the best to achieve custom or market-driven fashion effects.

Chemicals for Garment Dyeing

Double Side Effect + Laser


Two-tone effect in a sigle bath

Double-face effect

Overdyeing on indigo-dyed garments with highlighting of the indigo after scraping

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Garment Flash Print


Innovative, versatile, quick & easy printing

No limits of color shade, pattern or design

You can customize a garment in any way you want, on a raw garment, a dyed or a denim one while creating infinite bicolor or multicolor effects.

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Cold Dyeing Fade


Remarkable deposition effect on the seams

Can be used with reactive, direct or sulfur dyes

Low energy consumption (~50°C)

Without using pigments it’s possible to avoid spreading spots

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Contrast Dyeing Side Effect


Reserve effect on the garments’ seams

Double-face effect

Chance to avoid post-treatments, enzymatic or with stones ones

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Deposition Effect + Laser


Remarkable two-tone effect

Double-face effect

Pigmentation of the used garment


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Camouflage Effect


Multicolor effect

Use of dyes with different degrees of corrosion

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Shining Blotted Effect


Marked glossy effects without pressing


Areas of contrast through the application of pigments with different hues

Fresh and flowing effect

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Corrosion Effect


Strong decoloration effects

Application of the OX agent in a thickened form

Easy removal of the oxidizing agent

No risk of aerosol in the application area

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We develop new custom dyeing and finishing solutions for original fashionable effects for garment dyeing.

We provide a series of dyes and chemical auxiliaries for any kind of effect: old wash & vintage, stone wash, discharge effect and any new eco-friendly process dealing with new technologies.

We produce specific garment dyeing or denim samples on demand by using only best quality dyestuffs and chemicals.

Our technicians can support designers’ creativity and the R&D of our textile customers, but also production & washing technicians in order to share our knowledge and know-how to deal with any challenging dyeing issues.


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