Colouring solutions

ZAITEX S.p.A. is a company focused on the supply of dyes and additives products to be used in different industrial sectors such as:

  • wood and leather finishing
  • lens for glasses
  • products to make inks for sublimatic and digital applications
  • plastics
  • detergents

ZAITEX S.p.A. is constantly engaged to select and commercialize products through careful quality laboratory checks respecting the current regulations. Our laboratory of chemicals specialties carries out constant research of new products in the market and new processes thus bringing continue innovation to the product range by technical laboratory equipment and technical knowledge.


Disperse dyes for transfer &

ink – jet printing

ZETAPLAS dyes comprise selected dispersed dyes with high sublimation properties, highly suitable for dye-sublimation printing processes on substrates of polyester fibers or others substrates which allow to decorate onto aluminium, ceramic, wood or glass ones.


ZETAPLAS dyes are produced in pure form, free from additives and dispersing agents.

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