ZAITEX S.p.A. trades dyes and chemical auxiliaries for textiles in accordance with the general and specific criteria defined by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Our GOTS approved product list is being constantly integrated.



ZDHC – Roadmap to Zero is a project born with the aim of involving the operators of the textile production and supply chain in a harmonized series of activities to minimize the environmental impact and reduce the use of products harmful to the environment.


The list of ZAITEX products already approved GOTS 5 has been evaluated according to the ZDHC standards and comply with its official MRSL, which can be consulted via the digital platform ZDHC Gateway.

ZAITEX S.p.A. has always been engaged in the research, selection and supply of chemical products for the textile production chain capable of optimizing standard dyeing and finishing processes for a more efficient use of the used resources and a consequent lower environmental impact.