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The auxiliary laboratory provides solutions to dyeing problems with evaluation of customer particular conditions, such as water, application substrate, comparison of production batches.


The laboratory coordinates verification and stock management of raw materials activities aimed at the auxiliaries production or mixing.


The inputs received by technicians and the market feed research development activities to counter or customize alternative products to the competition, optimizing them according to certification criteria or customers production needs.

The ZAITEX Auxiliary Laboratory performs tests for the synthesis and customised formulation of chemical auxiliaries to be applied in textile preparation, dyeing and finishing.

The laboratory performs several analyses, to name a few:

  • the sequestering, foaming, wetting or mercerising power;
  • the ability to bleach or cleanse;
  • hand, hydrophilicity, turbidity point;
  • determination of fabric and stain composition via IR.

Technicians provide accurate solutions to important production problems such as:

  • fabric stains
  • unwanted oils, silicone or other finishing agents
  • improved fastness


The Analytical Laboratory at ZAITEX carries out numerous activities to ensure the safety and quality of the products sold. Just to mention a few, analyses on the content of

  • aromatic amines
  • quinoline and isoquinoline
  • formaldehyde
  • anions and cations


The advanced equipment let the composition of both dyes and auxiliaries to be determined, which is useful both for REACH registration of products and for the rapid development of alternative products or counter-types.


The laboratory conducts research and development for the synthesis of new dyes and auxiliaries, as well as the development of effective product formulations using innovative processes and machinery.

Continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment allows the Analytical Laboratory to determine important results, such as:

  • production of new eco-friendly syntheses for dyes;
  • production of new resins and finishing products to improve the characteristics of the finished fabrics and leathers;
  • verification of the incoming dyes to determine their composition;
  • determination of aromatic amines, naphthalene, quinoline e isoquinoline.


ZAITEX’s Textile Laboratory carries out several tasks, focusing especially on the study of colour application.

The team working in the Textile Lab is able to perform different test to solve challenging issues of a dyeing process outcome:

  • deposits, by assessing the composition and methods of removal
  • uneven dyeings, by evaluating an effective reformulation of the dyeing recipe
  • article’s degradation, by checking the right conditions of a dyeing application

The Textile Laboratories in ZAITEX provide lab dip service for colour approval before bulk fabric dyeing.

The research and study of alternative dyes from different sources is fully carried out to ensure high quality supply standards to Customers.

Several validation studies are performed to check any dye features are compliant with the tolerances set by regulations or third-party certification in force.

All the fastness tests are carried out internally according to the ISO standards in force such as light, washing, perspiration and rubbing.

All the tests performed here and in other ZAITEX branches, together with all the data of each dye are collected in Rainbow, an advanced colorimetry application developed by ZAITEX. 


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