Services and Laboratories


The auxiliary laboratory provides solutions to dyeing problems with evaluation of customer particular conditions, such as water, application substrate, comparison of production batches.


The laboratory coordinates verification and stock management of raw materials activities aimed at the auxiliaries production or mixing.


The inputs received by technicians and the market feed research development activities to counter or customize alternative products to the competition, optimizing them according to certification criteria or customers production needs.

The ZAITEX Auxiliary Laboratory performs numerous tests for the synthesis and customised formulation of chemical auxiliaries to be applied in textile preparation, dyeing and finishing.


The laboratory performs numerous analyses, to name but a few:

  • the sequestering, foaming, wetting or mercerising power;
  • the ability to bleach or cleanse;
  • hand, hydrophilicity, turbidity point.


Technicians provide accurate solutions to important production problems such as:

  • fabric stains
  • unwanted oils, silicone or other finishing agents
  • improved fastness



Our research and analytical application laboratory is available at the request of the customer,
such as in the case of:

  • deposits, assessing the composition and methods of removal,
  • uneven dyeings, reformulating the recipes or re-assessing the method applied,
  • article’s degradation, evaluating if a certain application happened under the wrong circumstances or if the recipe’s formulation had any kind of flaws.

Our technicians match their knowledge and experiences to evaluate at their best every customers’ dyeing process request. Accordingly to the law and rules, in our laboratories several tests on the dyes are being performed for assessing their specs.

Technical-scientific advice

Thanks to our internal analytical laboratory, we offer customers personalized assistance and
scientific advices on the R&D of new products and analytical methods.
The availability of avant-garde equipment allows us to meet a multitude of different needs, like:

  • production of new eco-friendly syntheses for dyes;
  • production of new resins and finishing products to improve the characteristics of the finished fabrics and leathers;
  • verification of the incoming dyes to determine their composition;
  • determination of aromatic amines, PCP and TeCP in dyes;
  • determination of the composition of fabrics and stains via IR.

Custom research & analyses

We provide our customers the consulence of our research team to develop technical and creative analyses based on their needs, facing new challenges in designing made-to-measure recipes.

In our laboratory we create and develop optimized solutions that enable our customers to achieve their goals, such as special fashion effects on materials or specific dyeing technique performances.

Our wish is to empower our clients through the partnership we create, setting new standards for the quality of our products.


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