ZAITEX supplies dyes and auxiliaries for dyeing almost any textile fiber: cellulosic, polyester, wool, polyamide, acrylic. The selection of dyes is tested in our laboratories to ensure customers high standards of application quality. Most dyes are GOTS, ZDHC and bluesign approved.


Wide range of dyes selected for specific dyeing applications.

Dyeing & finishing

Range of auxiliaries for textile preparation, dyeing and finishing.

ZAITEX supplies dyes and auxiliaries for the dyeing of chrome-tanned or vegetable-tanned leathers. All the dyes are tested in our laboratories to ensure high standards of application and meet the needs of the market.

Dyes for
leather dyeing

ZETAPEL dyes range designed for dyeing all types of leather, chrome or vegetable tanned.


Selected chemical auxiliaries for leather retanning, dyeing & fatliquoring.

ZAITEX supplies coloring products and chemical additives with experienced application consultancy for use in various industrial sectors like:

  • wood and leather finishing
  • lens for glasses
  • products to make inks for sublimatic and digital applications
  • plastics
  • detergents

Ink, varnishes &