R&D for sustainable fashion trends
made in Italy 🇮🇹

zaitexfashion is a project by ZAITEX S.p.A. born with the aim of providing our Customers with the right know-how for the development of bespoke recipes for the latest fashion effects on garments.

In few words, zaitexfashion is “R&D For Fashion Trends”, both for garment dyeing & finishing and denim treatment.

Bespoke dyeing & finishing solutions
for infinite fashion effects on garments

Garment dyeing & finishing

We provide eco-friendly and
fully sustainable solutions
for denim washing

Denim treatment

Eco-friendly garment
dyeing & finishing

zaitexfashion R&D Garment develops eco-friendly dyeing and finishing solutions for garments like ready-to-dye or raw denim to achieve original fashion effects with top-tier, certified dyes & chemicals.


We provide custom recipes on demand,  by taking advantage of our internal analytical laboratories and a brand new R&D department for garment dyeing and finishing.


Our technicians can support designers’ creativity by giving them the chance to arrange workshops.

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