The laser improver for a natural denim look after laser treatment

Lets’ go straight to the point: laser technology is one of the best improvement in garment manufacturing since years. Even if nothing can replace the outcome of manual scraping, but the latest technology, it happens that laser may leave a greyish or brownish, unpleasant patina on the surface of a denim garment.


ZETAKIN LST – the laser treatment improver – is what can fix this awful result of burning the cotton fiber of the denim helping to easily remove this patina. Moreover, it allows laser treatment to convey a more natural denim look, while reproducing  a manual scraping effect on the surface, keeping its original cast and shades unchanged.

ZETAKIN LST is ZDHC approved.

Take a look at the denim garment here:
its left part is just lasered; its right one is laser-treated with ZETAKIN LST by nebulization system.


In order to avoid traditional laser treament outcome like grey/brownish patina on the surface, less natural look and additional rinsing steps to wash them out, the laser improver ZETAKIN LST can replicate the result of a manual scraping and give a more natural denim look to the lasered garment.


ZETAKIN LST can be applied by spray gun, soaking or, even better, by using the latest nebulizing technologies such Core, E-Flow and similar ones.

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