Chemicals for sustainable denim

Denim and jeans finishing is at the very crucial point today. Chemicals play an important role to garment production.

zaitexfashion developed a series of chemicals suitable to be applied in the whole denim finishing treatment process.


We drew a map for you to learn the results of our R&D activity, gathering all the certified chemical auxiliaries, ordered by category of application.


Auxiliaries are listed:


= GOTS      = ZDHC    = EIM    = SCIVERA

= GOTS      = ZDHC



Laser booster
ZETAKIN LSTLaser booster
Eco-friendly resins for 3D at low temperature (110°C)Acrylic & Glyoxalic resins
ZETAFLEX A 180Acrylic self cross-linking finishing with soft hand and average plasticity. It is
suitable as a binding agent for pigments and increases abrasion resistance and
anti-pilling effect.
ZETAFLEX ACNFixing agent for pigment dyeing and
cationizing agent for “old effect” dyeing.
ZETAFLEX RBSSelf cross-linking acrylic emulsion at low temperatures without the help of other resins or catalysts
ZETAFLEX UPSSelf cross-linking acrylic emulsion at low temperatures without the help of other resins or catalysts.
ZETAFLEX F3DFormaldehyde-free self cross-linking acrylic finishing to perform durable 3D effects at low temperature on garment.
ZETAREACT WFCFormaldehyde-free glyoxalic resin for 3D effects, contains catalyst. Used for anticrease finishings and for the dimensional stabilization of fabrics of cellulosic and animal fibers mixed with synthetic fibers as polyamide, polyester and polyacrylonitrile.
Aternative to Potassium Permanganate
ZETAOX DDEcological alternative to permanganate, for the bleaching of indigo, sulfur and Zetalight dyestuffs selections, on garments.

Stone Wash /

Stone wash / enzyme
BIORUBBERRubber stone designed for stone-wash treatment. It performs well when used in combination with enzymes and/or BIOSTONE.
BIOSTONEEcological, long-lasting alternative to pumice stone for stone wash effect on garment
ZETALASE BT 30Liquid concentrated cellulase for the stone-wash process on garments. Unlike typical cellulases, ZETALASE BT 30 works at neutral pH and accelerates the mechanical removal of the indigo during the washing process.
ZETALASE PLUSCellulase for the bio-polish treatment of cellulosic articles. For its special formulation it may be used in neutral medium, therefore even in pre- and after-dyeing treatments; no need for acidic buffering systems.
ZETALASE NWCellulase in powder form performing simultaneously desizing and stone-wash on denim garments.


ZETAKIN O3Ozone activator in the bleaching of garments made of cellulosic fiber, ZETAKIN O3 makes possible the fully develop of the action of ozone during the bleaching phase of cellulose fiber garments dyed with indigo, substantive and reactive.
ZETALASE BCEnzymatic compound for the bio-bleaching of indigo denim active at room temperature.
ZETALIN LTLot temp, low pH hydrogen peroxide activator for the bleaching of denim.


Dispersing agents
ZETASPERSE BK 2Polyester poly-glycol-ether formulation in aqueous dispersion to be used as dispersing-wetting-emulsifying agent in various garment treatments.
Neutralizing agent
ZETACID PRAcidifying and pH buffering agent. Stable reducing agent particularly indicated for remove permanganate.
Cationic softeners
ZETASOFT AK 200%Softener specific for cellulosic fibers and their blends. It gives the material a soft and voluminous hand. It causes a low foam formation.
ZETASOFT AOXNon yellowing cationic softener with anti-ozone proprieties.
ZETASOFT HPSHigh-quality softener which confers soft, swollen, slippery and elastic hand; suitable for any textile material, of natural and man-made fibers.
ZETASIL PRT 200%Elastomeric finishing (silicone micro-emulsion) fit for all fibers. Allows high-quality finishings with wet and dry wash-fastness.
ZETASIL REXSilicone, hydrophilic, antistatic softener, in liquid form, specific to achieve the cooling effect. High substantivity, also suitable for ready garment.


Special products
ZETAFIX INDFixing agent for indigo/sulphur denim fabrics that increases washing fastness and bleach resistance.
ZETAFLEX IFRCroacking fastness improver for indigo/suphur denim fabrics.
ZETAFLEX LCOAuxiliary for glossy effects obtained by rubbing on fabrics and garments.
ZETAFLEX ZL SPECIALAuxiliary for Garment Flash Print® effect
ZETAFLEX ZLSAuxiliary for glossy effects obtained by rubbing on fabrics and garments.