ITMA 2019, a great experience for us all

ITMA 2019, a great experience for us all

At the end of the June, ITMA 2019, the most important exhibition for the whole textile production supply chain both for textile and garment industries, closed its doors after having hosted 120k visitors from mostly any countries in the world. ZAITEX S.p.A. took part in such great expo as an exhibitor with the goal of showing off to the world our values, our strenghts and our future outlook.

Our goals

In the respect of the main topic featuring the exhibition, the sustainable innovation, we decided to stress this theme out by highlighting our philosophy: to be a reliable partner for the technical excellence of the dyes and chemical auxiliaries we supply and the proactive R&D of bespoke dyeing solutions, at the forefront of solving technical dyeing issues.

In order to do that, we put so much attention to convey a simple, but great message which is our constant will to provide our Customers with the best solution for the dyeing both respecting the law and the environment. That’s why we give our contribute in order to reduce resource usage during the dyeing processes; to use less water and lower average working temperature thus decreasing the waste of energy as well; to use a smaller amount of chemicals, if compared with traditional processes; to impact positively on Customers’ processes costs.

Our partnerships & projects

In 2019 ZAITEX S.p.A. celabrates 45 years from its constitution. 45 years of experience in supplying dyes and chemicals for the textile market, lived in a close collaboration with dyeing plants, yarn and fabric production companies and laundries.

In accordance with that, we developed a few partnerships that allowed us to show how we do R&D for our customers. Thanks to those partnerships we had the chance to show off our strenght in giving full support for the dyeing and finishing of any fabric, considering any dyeing or finishing method. We showed such skills also by developing a few garment collections: one made together with a famous german brand featuring both dyed and denim garments; one involving more partners together with the goal of creating a little, but effectively eco-friendly supply chain for the finishing of denim garments; one together with a well-known italian brand featuring a sporty, explorer-style jacket featuring good light fastness.

We made a strong choice: exhibiting garments rather than just powder dyes or transparent chemicals bottles, dyed yarns or pieced dyed fabrics was meant to tell the world we are able to successulfully manage any kind of dyeing and finishing condition, even the apparently easiest to do, plus giving a fashionable look while applying our dyes and eco-friendly chemicals, all GOTS approved.

The results

We had both wonderful and super busy days there in Barcelona since we met a few of our Customers and other new potential ones coming from all over the world. We think ITMA 2019 is a great platform to live and to invest in for company like ours in order to have a bigger visibility than ever. It was a pleasure to stay there and share ideas, thoughts, future outlook together with those who visited our booth and showed some interest in our dyeing solutions.