In 2024 ZAITEX turns 50

In 2024 ZAITEX turns 50

The hexagon is a six-sided geometric figure, often used to graphically describe some elements of organic chemistry, for instance benzene, the most basic aromatic hydrocarbon.

At ZAITEX, the hexagon is a decorative furnishing element that is frequently repeated in different areas of the company and was the starting point for the creation of the pattern celebrating the company’s 50th birthday.

To combine the geometric shape with the theme of color, we were inspired by the Bauhaus movement, a school of art and design known for its modern approach, including its use of colors, which were often selected based on principles of functionality, rationality and aesthetics.

Bauhaus often made use of primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) and their contrasts,such as red with blue or yellow with black.
This approach to primary colors emphasized clarity and simplicity, colors were chosen based on their functionality and not just for decorative purposes, the goal was to create a rational design that served a practical function.
In general, color in the Bauhaus was an important element of its approach to design and art, and the school helped shape the modern use of color in art disciplines and design.

In 2024 ZAITEX crosses the 50-year milestone since its founding and looks positively to the future by carrying on with its investments in crucial business developments. In fact, the new R&D Lab Center in Dueville has just been unveiled: a new area where the 3 main analysis and product development laboratories have state-of-the-art equipment to provide timely and an even more efficient support-oriented customer service for industrial color application.