Marco Rossi’s interview by

Marco Rossi’s interview by is a video blog. It is a virtual place where you can hear the words and understand the ideas of successful italian entrepreneurs. The pattern is the same for everyone: a few, simple questions, but directed to the point of the question and the heart of the entrepreneur. The interview is carried out by a media and press editorial staff that knows the difficulties of entrepreneurial and corporate life closely. The attempt is to focus attention on the responsibility of doing business in Italy. Especially today.

A responsibility that involves many areas and contexts, more than you can imagine. It is not just a matter of managing economic or financial resources, handshakes, objectives achieved. Being an entrepreneur is a passion animated by innate instincts, enormous responsibilities and a deep civic sense.

The interview with our CEO Marco Rossi tells how ZAITEX S.p.A. was born, how it was first conducted by the father, how it managed to grow overcoming a strong economic crisis on the market. In describing his general idea of ​​entrepreneur today, Marco Rossi underlines the importance of a fundamental characteristic: the generosity of spending himself for his collaborators to make the company grow in a uniform way, rather than aiming at a single business without future vision.

Finally, a thought addressed to today’s young people. Marco Rossi invites them to reflect on some precious attitudes, useful both in life and in the workplace: the constant curiosity to know and know, respect for themselves and for others and, finally, honesty always pay off.