EB Process: cost-effective solution for ecological bleaching

Auxiliaries capable of optimizing
the cotton bleaching with hydrogen peroxide

Raw material costs are undoubtedly out of control, in every sector or market. One of the most energy-intensive process in preparation of cotton for the dyeing is the bleaching, which is carried out in over-flow, jet or autoclave machines: optimizing such crucial step may bring a dramatic overall cost reduction.


By following such purpose, ZAITEX has developed a series of auxiliaries and fine-tuned the EB processEcological Bleaching – a bleaching method based on an enzymatic system, in conditions of low temperature (starting from 75°C) and neutral final pH, for discontinuous bleaching with hydrogen peroxide of cellulosic fibers and blends with elastane.

The EB process requires the combined use of ZETALASE EB and ZETAKIN EB; the former is an enzymatic system designed for low temperature bleaching, free from metals; the latter is called ZETAPON EB, a compound of wetting, cleaning, dispersing and sequestering agents.


If compared to the standard method, several are the advantages:

shorter processing times

no need of pH-neutralization

lower operating temperature

less energy and consequently less water consumption

In addition, EB process allows to obtain articles characterized by soft, full and natural hand, featuring lower creasability, better sewability, strength and elasticity. The EB process degrades only in little part the fiber and it is possible to achieve  an  ideal white degree for pastel shades, with a lower loss of  weight and resistance compared to conventional bleaching.


The enzymatic system ZETALASE EB and ZETAKIN EB are ready-to-use products, dilutable in fresh water, at room temperature, available in 60/120kg drums or 1000kg tanks.


Aiming at energy saving, for the soaping step, ZAITEX recommends to use ZETASOAP SLT, a synergistic blend of sequestering and polymers, featuring a strong dispersant / discharging action of high efficacy already at 80°C that works at neutral pH.


Compared to the standard products, this product works at a lower operating temperature, shortening execution times and reducing overall costs.


ZAITEX has always supported textile production companies by providing them with qualified, technical know-how, tailor-made products and solutions for the optimization of any step of the preparation, dyeing and finishing processes. The EB processEcological Bleaching – at low temperature represents an effective alternative to conventional methods, able, already in the short term, to reduce two important production factors: time and total costs.


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