Automotive textile solutions

Top-quality solutions for the

preparation & dyeing of automotive textiles

Having decades of experience in giving support to any textile mills in solving challenging dyeing issues, ZAITEX promotes a complete suite for the preparation and the dyeing of polyester fabrics for automotive purpose.


To keep up with the toughest automotive standard requirements, our product range includes only best-in-class auxiliaries and high quality dyes.


In particular, along with a special selection of pretreatment auxiliaries, designed for a consistent and flawless preparation process of polyester fabrics and their blends, ZAITEX set up a selection of dyes choosen to fulfill the highest light-fastness and hot-light-fastness as per automotive requirements.


Most of the auxiliaries herewith mentioned are listed and approved ZDHC and GRS.

Selected range of dyes for the
highest automotive industry standards

Lots of research and several tests have been run to create a new selection of dyes for polyester and blends: ZETALENE A & AM series include dyes boasting of having such great light fastness results.


ZETALENE A is a range of dyes specifically selected to withstand high light-fastness requirements.

ZETALENE AM boasts the highest performance both in light-fastness and hot-light-fastness.


In order to meet the most restrictive requirements for automotive textile, the preparation of the fabric and the dyeing are two steps to accomplish at their best to get the most lightfast fabrics.


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