About us

A partner recognized by
its technical excellence

Zaitex’s mission totally reflects the values that have been steadily guiding us since our origins: we aim to be a partner for the technical excellence of our selected dyes and auxiliaries products, forward looking in the fields of R&D of custom solutions, at the forefront in the resolution of technical dyeing issues.

Every activity we do is focused on the Customer, every choice oriented to its satisfaction and on the improvement of their own personal results.

Our vast experience accumulated through the years is highly valued by our customers, so that we are renowned for our ability to merge our knowledge, our know-how, excellently qualified team with high quality selected products and mostly a top notch service.

Being innovative is part of our dna: by applying a good dose of creativity to our research activity we put ourselves a step forward in helping our clients overcoming their issues and satisfying their needs.

We are fully committed to transparency at every level so that the relationships we entertain with our collaborators and clients can be solid and based upon trust, reliability and reciprocated respect.

Zaitex, forty years of
growth in full colour

We have been operating in this market since 1974; we pride ourselves in being a qualified and reliable reference point for the R&D and the supply of dyes and auxiliary chemicals.

Our roots are deeply based in the textile industry where we have consolidated our experience over the last four decades, working closely with dyeing implants, industrial laundries, yarn and fabric industries as well as casual wear companies.

Our growth has been marked by a constant effort on improving our customer service, but also our overall internal competences to ensure the full customer’s satisfaction in terms of excellence in the sectors of quality, flexibility and punctuality.

Thanks to our commitment over time we have expanded our operating areas further than just the textile industry; first to the fields of leather treatments, then proceeding with wood and plastic: nowadays those sectors are playing an important role in our catalogue of services and products.

Deciding to extend our trades outside the italian territories has given our company an important boost regarding being competitive on the international market and we are currently operating in the European Asian and American markets.

Quality and safety,
the key principles of our business

Quality and safety have always been our pillars, two key factors for our growth and development.
To be more precise:

  • our dyes and auxiliaries for textile, leather, wood and special sectors are outstanding for their quality certified by Zaitex internal system: our own intern laboratories regularly make the undergo rigorous controls, guaranteeing their excellence and promptly correcting every imperfection way before they start to be sold
  • the quality we look for pervades every aspect of our company: it can be found in any relationship we entertain with our customers, the satisfaction of our employees, the continuous thrive for improvements in the monitoring of our results and statistics.
  • the products we sell on the market are meticulously selected through a rigorous process of evaluation of our suppliers and constant analytical checks. Every single item is therefore pre-registered under the REACH normative enforced in every European country to protect and ensure the health and safety of the people and the environment.
  • the dyes and auxiliaries used in the textile environment that we have placed on the market all meet the general and specific criterias defined by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS);
  • those same dyes and auxiliaries also meet our own policy for quality, health and workers safety.

Efficient and
timely order management

Every day we strive to obtain a careful, precise and punctual management of all the orders dispatched and received.

The logistic department of our company is run based on modern criterias of optimization to guarantee a very precise scheduling of all the incoming supplies, so that our clients who are often part of a broader productive process can count on the best possible service in terms of accuracy and rapidity.

The following numbers summarize our efficiency that set us apart from our competitors:

  • 36 hours for order management and delivery in Italy
  • 72 hours to process your order and deliver abroad
  • an average of 800 dyes and auxiliaries can be found in stock in any of our warehouses